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All major players in the Automotive, Transportation, and Logistics industry have entrusted MarkPlus to assist with routine/high-level research, consulting and training projects. Some of the clients include:

Astra Honda Motor, Citilink Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia, Hino, Isuzu Sales Operation, Krama Yudha Tiga Berilan, Sampurna Part Niaga, Toyota Astra Motor, Trac, Sera Logistics, Sera Auto Raya, UD Trucks, Suryara Rubberindo Industies, Mercedes Benz, Honda R&D, Michelin, Daihatsu Sales Operation, Astra Otoparts, Jet Express, Multistrada Arah Sarana, JNE, PT. Pos Indonesia (Persero), MPM Holding (PT Mitra Pinasthika Mustika Tbk), Mitra Pinasthika Mustika Rent, Mitra Pinasthika Mustika Motor, Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Astra (YDBA), Agung Toyota, PT

Some of our services include:

Event evaluation survey

Assess Customer Service Index (CSI) and Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) to improve JD Power rating using Computer Assisted Telephone Interview

Service blueprint

Including all customer touchpoints to improve service quality or JD power rating

Initial ownership survey

Assess customer satisfaction and needs toward recent product purchased and verify client’s database

Success profile

Assess “success” profile and client’s sales force activity, developing training methods and recruitment

Brand monitoring & strategy

Assess brand performance using 5A model, competition comparison and strategy to improve brand position

Go-to-market strategy

Assess client’s product/ brand acceptance and developing strategy to ensure successful launch

Potential mapping

Assess area attractiveness, growth, competition for client to expand and develop strategy-tactical plan to enter market

Sales force productivity

Assess current client sales force model and create strategy to improve productivity

Event evaluation survey

Assess product or brand awareness, perception, association, willingness to buy in client’s event

Brand and accessories valuation

Assess client’s brand and accessories acceptance price compared with other competitors

Sales competencies

Develop comprehensive sales improvement training program from operations to top management level

Marketing/ promotional activities

Develop client’s creative mindset to deliver out-of the box yet effective marketing and promotional campaign

Long term strategy

Develop client’s long-term strategy by defining 5-year vision, mission and target by forecasting future market landscape

Price monitoring index

Assess client’s retail final price, and discover competitor pricing strategy across sectors

Dealer development program

Assess current business operations and develop training blueprint to improve performance

Key account management in ATL

Develop training session to improve client’s key account management activities and model

Case Studies

Daihatsu: Sales Operation and Sales Training

Why: The Background
Daihatsu has steadily grown its market share over the years in Indonesia. Being able to stand out from other smaller competitors, Daihatsu has emerged as a strong player though still miles away from Toyota, the reigning market leader, who is far ahead. In view of projected automotive market stagnation, Daihatsu must aim to strengthen its position in the automotive market.

What: Sales Force Training
Sales force is integral to driving a company’s market share as it works to engage customers throughout various stages of relationship. New customers need interaction and opportunities to learn about the brand, while current customers gain trust through consistent follow-up and communication with sales representatives. Previous customers can even be brought back through promotion, discounts, and communications. All these tasks are extremely important which is why a smart and creative sales force is essential to deliver the best results.

How: Frequent and Intensive Sales Force Training
MarkPlus provided Daihatsu with a highly tailored, comprehensive, and well thought training method to improve its sales force’s current capabilities. Two modules were prepared for this training; Advance Selling Skill Training (ASST) and Intermediate Selling Skill Training (ISST). While ASST imparted knowledge on sensing market potential, ISST taught salespersons to be able to do spin selling. The expertise through these trainings proved especially valuable in today’s highly competitive market. Daihatsu was able to record an increase in its market share in 2016 compared with the previous year, demonstrating the usefulness of this program.

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