Being a renowned firm with international networks, we have partnerships with some of the world’s leading figures in the marketing and business fields. Our clients from multinational companies and various governments further extend our far-reaching networks.


As we are currently expanding at an over-whelming pace as the leading Marketing professional services firm in ASEAN, there are many regional opportunities awaiting you! With offices in 4 other main cities of ASEAN – Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City, you will gain regional working exposure. We are also constantly on the look out for associates who have the ability to work in a cross-culture environment for job rotations and leadership positions in these major cities.


At MarkPlus, Inc, our culture is defined by our core passions: the Passion for Knowledge, Passion for Business, Passion for Service and Passion for People. Satisfied and smart associates are the key to our success. We work in teams, where we are singularly competent but also collectively dependent. Our current goal is to create a workplace of diversity that attracts the most talented associates and enables them to develop their fullest potential. We believe that a successful company embodies a diverse yet inclusive culture, where we respect and leverage the differences we bring to the workplace.


When you join MarkPlus, you are in for a dynamic and challenging environment. Often given a diverse range of tasks and projects, you will not only have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in one field, you will also learn across a wide range of business and marketing topics. You can learn from a range of avenues – whether from reading the latest books, the latest research journals, listenint\g to/working with more experienced people or experts within a particular topic, or experiencing challenging business problems to solve. At MarkPlus, you will get to meet different levels of people from various industries, hence sharpening your ‘people’ and communication skills. You will also learn to multi-task, work under time pressure and work well in teams as working in teams is how we do things here.

You will work with a group of smart, motivated, dynamic, helpful and supportive people. Whenever you need help, your peers will go to extraordinary lengths to make certain that you are assisted. We constantly invest in your personal development, from your career-long formal training to day-to-day coaching from teammates.


MarkPlus helps and partners with some of the most important leaders and organizations who are committed to making important, life-changing decisions. We have helped leaders from large global firms, country and state governments, and regional and local market leading companies design winning strategies, deliver necessary capabilities and form long-lasting partnerships throughout changing market trends. Because of our unchallenged deep insights and capabilities, and our unfaltering passion and commitment, we are the trusted advisors and partners for several large companies and some governments for years.

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