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At MarkPlus, we work closely with a range of clients from different industries, including some of Indonesia’s topmost companies and institutions from public and private sectors, as well as regional companies and multinationals.

Some of our clients in Financial Services Industry, include:

Bank Central Asia (BCA), Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), Bank Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, Bank Indonesia, Bank BTN, PermataBank, RaboBank, Bank Resona Perdania, BRISyariah, J Trust Bank, Bank Syariah Mandiri, Bank Maybank Indonesia, Bank Danamon, Bank Bukopin, Bank BJB, Bank Kaltim, Bank Jatim, Bank Jateng, Bank Mestika, Bank Mizuho Indonesia

AXA Mandiri, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, BPJS Kesehatan, PT TASPEN (Persero),
Asuransi Astra

Pegadaian, Adira Finance, Astra Credit Company (ACC), ORIX Indonesia,
Home Credit Indonesia

Service Blueprint Development

Develop a values-based customer experience design to excel in providing the best service

Corporate Plan Strategy

Develop a long-term strategy by defining 5 years vision, mission and target by forecasting future market landscape and designing high level strategy to compete

Marketing Strategy

Develop a marketing strategy, including marketing communication plans and activation programs

Brand Activation

Design a brand activation strategy or event to strengthen the brand

Sales Force Management

Design a channel and distribution strategy through sales force design and optimization

Rebranding Strategy

Develop new positioning and rebranding actions to shift customer preceptions

Customer Satisfaction Research

Identify the satisfaction indices of product and service performance to grab opportunities for improvement

Brand Equity Tracking

Identify the brand equity indices to evaluate brand strength and weakness by assessing customer path and exploring brand image and perception

Employee Satisfaction Index

Evaluate employee satisfaction and loyalty indices to identify internal room for improvement

Customer Profiling

Understand customer segments, profile, lifestyle, and behavior to develop a better customer approach

Marcomm Evaluation

Assess and evaluate the current marketing communication activities

Sales Academy Training

Develop sales skill set to support all the sales process, including prospecting, approaching, negation skills, etc.

Service Academy Training

Develop service skill set to support all the service process, including service mindset, grooming, service excellence, handling complaints, etc.

Position-Based Development Program

Develop a comprehensive development program related to the skill required for branch manager (basic banking, basic treasury, etc.) and officer (presentation
skill, communication skill, etc.).

Case Studies

Bank Tabungan Negara: Preparing Managerial Competencies for Future Leader

Why: The Background
A strong and sustainable organization requires strong leader legacy, both through passing down tacit knowledge as well as cultivating new leadership styles in response to ever-changing market. In view of immense business growth, BTN realized the need to build a leadership pipeline, by not just developing a capacity building training for managers but also a set of preparations programs as prerequisite for managerial promotions. Career enhancement to a managerial position entails a new set of skills from professional development. Becoming a manager calls for greater strategic thinking rather than providing tactical support to BTN’s business – a  ransition towards acquiring new professional skills, managerial and leadership skills, as well as deeper understanding on product knowledge.

Case Study - Financial Services Industry

What: The Management Development Program Design
Together with BTN, MarkPlus developed a 10-day program to prepare their managerial candidates for role transitions. The program aimed to sharpen candidate’s knowledge, attitude, and skill as a bank manager. The knowledge enhancement to help them perform role based on management principles, managerial development for managing and developing a team, and basic product knowledge to gain better understanding on banking products. A company visit was organized to help candidates understand the market dynamics and find new business opportunities.

In addition to knowledge enhancement, during the program, the candidates were assessed by a professional psychologist providing professional advice on whether they are better assigned at sales or supporting role. At the end of the program, the candidates solved a case study by submitting a work plan, supported by a coaching session with the experts.

How: The Delivery
MarkPlus provided a wide range of subject matter experts as facilitators through the length of the program. The candidates took a pre- and post-test on each topic to monitor their learning progress. At the end of the program, MarkPlus submitted a class ranking and rapport based on candidates’ knowledge and skill assessments as well as a qualitative assessment. This helped BTN identify the right candidates for promotion, their respective assignments, and key developments for each of them.

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