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At MarkPlus, we work closely with a range of clients from different industries, including some of Indonesia’s topmost companies and institutions from public and private sectors, as well as regional companies and multinationals.

Some of our clients include:

Kementerian Pariwisata, Kementerian Koperasi dan Usaha Kecil Menengah, Kementerian Perdagangan, Direktorat Jenderal Pajak Kementerian Keuangan, Kementerian Perhubungan, Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Rakyat, Kementerian Kesehatan, Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan, Kementerian Luar Negeri, Kementerian Aparatur Negara dan Reformasi Birokrasi, Pemerintah Provinsi, Pemerintah Kota, Pemerintah Kabupaten, Sekretaris Negara, Kedutaan Besar, Dinas Tenaga Kerja Dan Sosial, Dinas Pajak, Dinas Koperasi dan UMKM Pemerintah, Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK), Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal (BKPM), Badan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional (BATAN), Lembaga Kemanusiaan Nasional (PKPU), Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi (BPPT), Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan (BPPT), Education Development Center, Badminton Asia Confederation, Putra Sampoerna Foundation,, U.S Agency for International Development (USAID)

Some of our services in the Government, and Public Service Industry Group

Marketing Strategy

Formulate prioritization mapping and market oriented strategy to boost productivity and performance

Branding Strategy

Assist Ministries and Boards aiming to boost competitiveness of Indonesian companies to go International

Rebranding & Rejuvenation Strategy

Rejuvenate existing government agencies in response to ever-changing Indonesians’ expectations and desires

Marketing Communication Strategy

Rejuvenate existing government agencies in response to ever-changing Indonesians’ expectations and desires

City/Regency/Province Branding

Design relevant and optimal branding strategy for cities/regencies/provinces to satiate visitors and attract traders and investors

Marketing Communication Effectiveness Research

Assess current marketing communication activities to better understand impacts on brand image and avoid budget overloads

‘Revolusi Mental’ Training

With the basic concept of ‘Revolusi Mental’ perfected in MarkPlus, this training provides insights to develop the right mindset to perform as an Indonesian civil

Leadership Training

Develop knowledge, skill and mindset to become a leader with empathetic individual and social capacities

Marketing Mindset Training

Assist a product-oriented company/institution transform into a market-oriented one

Awarding Concept & Implementation

Design concepts to appreciate relevant stakeholders in their efforts to better Indonesian lives and conduct awarding pre- to post awarding events

Some of our services in the Government, and Public Service Industry Group

Closing the Indonesian SMEs’ Gap
(in partnership with the Ministry of Trade, Republic of Indonesia)

Why: Social Impact Through Marketing
The Indonesian economy has recorded strong growth over the past few decades. Trade surplus has been a significant contributor, while exports are also considered one of the most important reforms accelerating growth. However, Indonesia’s exports have always relied on raw materials and commodities in lieu of finished products with higher selling value because of resources challenges. Indonesia Ministry of Trade has been assisting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in their attempt to enter international market with good finished products, but in order to do so, these products require strong branding identities.

To develop successful branding strategies for over 50 SMEs, Ministry of Trade chose MarkPlus as its partner. Since 2016, MarkPlus has been assisting the ministry on bridging the public and social gaps impeding national development through marketing.

Government And Public Services Case-Study

What: Market-Oriented Strategy for Indonesia
Indonesian businesses seem to have manufacturing in its DNA. We create products based on our know-how and depend largely on the nature of the material used. Thus, the concept of creating products which meet market
demands (read: MARKETING) is not understood. In this project, MarkPlus, together with the Ministry of Trade, developed an easy-to-understand, three-day consulting project for over 50 SMEs to develop strong brands and customized communication strategies. The strategies involved understanding their customer needs, creating optimal value propositions and finally designing relevant brand identities.

How: Empathetic Workshop Approach
MarkPlus is acknowledged for simplifying complex methodologies and we
take pride in our world-renowned frameworks. To navigate through the
minds of SMEs, we developed a workshop approach:

  • A half-day training session about importance of branding and branding strategy.
  • A one-day field trip to production sites of these SMEs to better understand their product offerings
  • A one-day session of individual coaching on developing customized branding strategy and communication plan for each SME.

The result has been rewarding as SMEs have admittedly developed a better grasp on the importance of branding and agree the workshop boosted their confidence in making their products ‘go international’.

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