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At MarkPlus, we work closely with a range of clients from different industries, including some of Indonesia’s topmost companies and institutions from public and private sectors, as well as regional companies and multinationals.

Some of our clients in Healthcare, Hi-tech, Property, Consumer, Communication and Media industries include:

Kalbe, Pfizer, Kimia Farma, Erha Clinic, Badan BPOM, Sulamit, Kino, Darya Varia, Phapros, Sahid Sahirman, RSAB Harapan Kita, B-Braun

Huawei, Haier, Lintas Arta, TBIG, Moratelindo, CTI Group, Hewlett-Packard, Jebsen & Jessen, Microsoft, Google, Epson, MatahariMall.com, EzyTravel.co.id, Kioson Komersial Indonesia, JD.id

Summarecon Agung, Jababeka Residence, Ciputra Development, Metropolitan Land, Supermall Karawaci, Jakarta Garden City, Hotel Indonesia Nature, Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung (JIEP), Intiland, Aerowisata Hotel and Resort, Mall Ciputra, Taman Safari

Frisian Flag, Indo Porcelain, Niro Granit, Faber Castel, Orang Tua Grup, Kalbe Nutrition, Danone Aqua, Godrej, Ranch Market, The Body Shop, Martina Berto, HM Sampoerna, Shiseido, Matahari Department Store, 3M

Telekom Indonesia, Telkomsel, Infomedia, Mitratel, Indosat, XL, Hutchison 3, Bolt MediaAntara, NexMedia, Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI), Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI), MNC Play, Kompas Media Nusantara, NET.TV, TransTV, Femina

Some of our services include:

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Help companies measure product acceptance, service satisfaction and identify customer preferences to ensure they are on track

Service Blue Print Development and Training

Create comprehensive blueprint strategy and prepare clients’ employees in delivering service excellence via rigorous training programs

B2B Sales Competencies Training

Clients get the most out of this highly tailored training modules complete with all the necessary tools to aid training reinforcement

Product Management Training

In keeping up with shorter product lifecycles, these trainings help equip clients’ employees with the right mindset in dealing with planning, forecasting, and production, or marketing of a product

Brand Health Tracker

Managing key drivers in maintaining brand health and offering course correction techniques to ensure solid brand equity

Brand Strategy

Using 5A (Aware-Appeal-Ask-Act-Advocate) model, helping clients diagnose brand health and develop cascading choices of intervention to create desired
brand image

Mystery Shopping

Deploying a professional secret shopper to uncover the most minute details which influence customer perceptions, attitudes, feelings and purchase decisions

Key Account Management Training

Developing training and certification (online and offline learning) to improve client’s key account management

Service Excellence Program

Discovering the most effective tactical methods on providing the best customer care including service mindset, grooming, handling complaints

Effective Communication Skills Training

Developing skills that help sell the brand more effectively, including communication style, assertive communication, verbal and non verbal communication

Presentation Skills Training

Developing knowledge, skills and attitude to create a more qualified individual including creating effective presentation content and design and memorable

Marketing Mindset Training

Integrating day-to-day operation into productive, creative and entrepreneurial money-making activities

Case Studies

Indonesia FTTH Association Summit

Why: Pursuing Stakeholder Commitment
In today’s world, technologies are fast evolving, and one promising tech is fiber optics, providing faster connection speeds. As an emerging country, Indonesia will witness enormous positive impact if it can nurture development of fixed broadband ecosystem through fiber optics to drive its digital economy agenda. Therefore, MASTEL (Indonesia ICT Society) and Indonesia Fiber-To-The-Home Association (IFA), supported by the Ministry of ICT and incorporation with PT Huawei Tech Investment (Huawei Indonesia),have come together to lead development of Indonesia’s ultrabroadband.

What: Organizing Engaging B2B Event
MarkPlus event organising unit Marketeers MICE helped organize the first Indonesia FTTH Association Summit on 27th April, 2016. The parties of IFA signed “Indonesian FTTH Association Declaration”, a commitment to speed up the implementation of fiber technology in Indonesia. At the event there were two panel sessions: 1. FTTH and Digital Indonesia Potential & Targets, followed by a keynote speech, 2. FTTH & Digital Global Best Practices. Some of the speakers at the event included Suwanto Gunawan (Chairman of IFA), Daniel Tang (CTO of Huawei Fixed Networks), Kristiono (Chairman of Mastel), Tri Rismaharini (Mayor of Surabaya), and HE Rudiantara (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Indonesia).

How: Exploring Relevant Content & Context
IFA has become the first milestone of Indonesia broadband development in fiber optics. According to Suwanto, the IFA alliance will effectively strengthen collaborations of parties in industry chain, help to build the ecosystem of Indonesia’s broadband rapid development, to solve the fiber development challenges together, and support the achievement of Indonesian national broadband strategy objectives. IFA and MASTEL will collaborate to formulate the Right-of-Way regulations and promote infrastructure sharing between players; support and promote coordinated policies to accelerate the deployment of fiber optic throughout Indonesia.

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