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MarkPlus Institute is the training and education division of MarkPlus, offering world-class people development solutions through in-house and public training as well as executive education programs in collaboration with prestigious institutions. Our home-made Public Education Programs (PEPs) are especially designed to meet industry competency development needs on a wide range of topics to help enhance human capital performance at operational and strategic level. Apart from PEPs, we also offer In-Company Education and Certification Programs


Our Proposition

Unique Training Approach

unique training approach

Supported by experienced facilitators, MarkPlus Institute develops knowledge-based solutions that balance conceptual models with practical insights. Our training programs incorporate creative and interactive methodologies such as role plays, simulations, case studies, and field assignments to create a participatory learning atmosphere, and enhance human capital development.

Industry Customized Solutions

To better serve our clients and develop more relevant and customized training solutions, our team is specialized into 6 industries:

  • FSI (Financial Services Industry)
  • ATL (Automotive, Transportation, and Logistics)
  • CHM (Communications, High-Tech, and Media)
  • HPC (Healthcare, Property, and Consumer)
  • RES (Resources, Infrastructure, and Utilities)
  • GPS (Government and Public Services)

Leading Training Institution


We are currently one of the leading training institutions in Indonesia, providing various people-development solutions, from Public Education Programs (PEP), In-Company Education (ICE) Programs, to Professional Certification Programs. Our Executive Education and Public Education Programs are tailor-made to provide most relevant competency development training to business professional

Dedicated Knowledge Team


MarkPlus Institute is supported by a dedicated Knowledge Management & Development (KMD) team that explores client issues, analyzes specific training needs, and develops customized training solutions to help our clients grow and thrive in the competitive business landscape.

Conceptually Rigorous, Practically Relevant


  • Utilize concepts based on MarkPlus models
  • Programs facilitated by experienced consultants and practitioners
  • Use experiential action-learning approaches
  • Equipped with powerful tools and real-life case studies
  • Powered by MarkPlus’ Knowledge Management & Development (KMD) team

MarkPlus Institute Service Offerings

To provide comprehensive solution to our clients, we provide three different programs tailored exclusively to fulfill the different needs of our customer.

Public Education Program

MarkPlus keenly observes global marketing trends in order to create the most relevant and up-to-date marketing concept for Indonesia. The Public Education Program (PEP) is our home-made training program are tailor-made to provide most relevant competency development training to business professionals. We have developed a range of topics that will enhance your human capital performance at operational as well as the strategic level. The materials are prepared by our team to solve problems typically faced by practitioners across industries.

As a type of PEP, our Strategic Executive Education Programs are specifically designed for executives on the path to a managerial position, keen on acquiring strategic learning and thinking knowledge using concepts and models to resolve complicated cases. Conducted in both English and Bahasa Indonesia, these program is offered in Jakarta six times a year on various relevant topics.

In 2017, with the launch of our newest book ‘Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital’, MarkPlus Institute has re outlined the Public Education Program (PEP) syllabus. In 2017, Public Education Programs are classified into 4 types: Generalist Marketing; Specialist Marketing; Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship & General Management. For Specialist Marketing, the program offers specialization in three subjects: Brand, Sales, and Service.

In-company Education Programs

Our In-Company Education Programs are uniquely customized training solutions for corporate clients. We serve 6 industry groups, each of which is supported by a dedicated team of consultants and client relations executives to better understand clients’ needs and prepare relevant solutions. The programs can be either delivered in-house at company premises or conducted at MarkPlus campus, cutting travel and accommodation expenses and training multiple recipients at the same time. Clients can benefit from structured training and education programs that are tailored to specific business objectives.

MarkPlus Institute Certification

MarkPlus also offers professional Certification Programs focused on sales, service and brand marketing competencies. At the end of the program, participants are required to clear a test in order to obtain certification from MarkPlus, recognizing the person’s competency on a specific subject.

Special Programs
Executive MBA

MBA in Strategic Marketing is one of MarkPlus’ most prestigious special education programs, launched in collaboration with School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung (SBM ITB), one of Indonesia’s premier institutions. EMBA is the first and only post-graduate program available in Strategic Marketing in Indonesia, offering most rigorous and updated marketing concepts, most relevant with current and future business landscape.

DBA in Strategic Marketing

The Doctor of Business Administration in Strategic Marketing program hasbeen launched in collaboration with Universitas Briwajaya. The curriculum design is based on the national curriculum, compatible with the standards of higher education, prepared by professionals with a tailored approach in designing curricula in the field of strategic marketing. The six-semester program will include class lectures for two semesters and dissertations for remaining semesters. Lectures will be held at two locations, MarkPlus Jakarta premises and Universitas Briwajaya campus

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