DBA in Strategic Marketing
The Doctor of Business Administration in Strategic Marketing program hasbeen launched in collaboration with Universitas Briwajaya. The curriculum design is based on the national curriculum, compatible with the standards of higher education, prepared by professionals with a tailored approach in designing curricula in the field of strategic marketing. The six-semester program will include class lectures for two semesters and dissertations for remaining semesters. Lectures will be held at two locations, MarkPlus Jakarta premises and Universitas Briwajaya campus.

MBA in Strategic Marketing is one of MarkPlus’ most prestigious special education programs, launched in collaboration with School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung (SBM ITB), one of Indonesia’s premier institutions. EMBA is the first and only post-graduate program available in Strategic Marketing in Indonesia, offering most rigorous and updated marketing concepts, most relevant with current and future business landscape.

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