Prosperity and consumerism pose great opportunity for healthcare, property, and consumer industry players. MarkPlus have the experience in assisting clients to navigate some of the challenges they face. With a deep industry knowledge, our team has the capability to provide clients with new information, insights, and ideas; and assist clients in developing strategies to optimize their market.



At MarkPlus, our integrated, yet specialized, divisions enable us to provide comprehensive marketing solution to help clients achieve competitive advantage.

We help clients capitalize the opportunity for growth in the HPC market by:

  • Assisting a business expansion plan, whether new product or new market expansion. MarkPlus has the capability to help clients in their business expansion plan, which includes assessing market potential for new product/ market expansion plan, developing go-to market strategy, and also introducing the new product/ market to internal and external stakeholders as well as to customers.
  • Formulating a marketing strategy, this includes customer, product, and brand strategy. Markplus has the capability to help clients in marketing strategy, which includes exploring customer behavior, evaluating product feature, developing marketing strategy, and giving new updates and ideas for management.
  • Developing tactical plan to achieve high-quality customer experience and attain strong brand performance. MarkPlus has the capability to help clients in their tactical plan, which includes evaluating brand, service, and product performance, developing activity/ program plan, improving the capability of front liners, and executing activity/ program plan.


Healthcare industry are now becoming competitive. Healthcare organizations should now not only improve their clinical and medical quality but also develop a branded service to differentiate themselves with competitors.

  • How can we differentiate ourselves from the competition?
  • How can we maintain patients’ loyalty and create referrals?
  • How should we cooperate with other healthcare providers to create strategic partnership?
  • How should we cooperate with other healthcare providers to optimize patients’ service experience?
  • How can we develop a branded service that fits the organization’s culture?


Strong economic growth gives more opportunity for property players to grow. Whether people choose to invest or to spend, property will still benefit from it. However, property players should be aware that the competition is also getting fiercer as all players are trying to benefit from the momentum.

  • How can we accommodate customer’s changing needs toward property?
  • How can we optimize our location to attract more customers?
  • How should we develop our value proposition to differentiate with competitor’s offerings?
  • How should we manage and develop our sales team to improve sales?
  • How should we manage our property, after sales is conducted, to maintain brand image?


Consumer product and retail are the most prominent industry nowadays. Not only for its big opportunity for growth but also for its rapidly-changing trends. The success in these industries lies on how player can understand and adapt to consumer behavior change.

  • How can we adapt to customer’s continuously changing lifestyle and behavior?
  • How can we arrange our product portfolio that best meet customer demand?
  • How can we ensure flawless experience across customer buying cycle?
  • How can we manage our customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  • How can we leverage our brand equity among customers?



Company Challenges
Company A is a reputable healthcare company in Indonesia. The company provides an integrative healthcare solution for all ages and genders, through their end-to-end product portfolios. Facing the emergence of food and beverages domestic consumption opportunity, Company A sees the opportunity to grow their nutritional supplement drink brands in fulfilling todays demand.

The rapid growth of food and beverages industries came with a big challenge itself. Tense competition forces players to create a distinct proposition to stand out and attract more customers. And as a player in healthcare products, Company A should have a product and market expansion plan that could represent its core competencies and, at the same time, be as competitive as existing brands. Therefore, Company A needs to have a comprehensive solution on their go-to-market strategy.

Proposed Solution
MarkPlus can assist Company A in developing a go-to-market strategy for its new beverage product. The strategy development start from product concept test, market analysis, until a comprehensive customer, product, and brand management is developed.

Before developing strategy, MarkPlus will conduct a product concept test. This concept test is important not only to evaluate product acceptance, but also to answer who will be the main target market, what product proposition will be featured, how much we will sell the product, where to sell it, and how to promote it. At the same time, we will also conduct desk research to gather and analyze other market data to enrich our perspective of the market.

A customer, product, and brand management will be developed based on the research to get optimum awareness and acceptance. Markplus also have the capabilities to help Company A in the product launching programs. Through an experiential product launching, a deeper engagement between customer and the new brand is built.


Company Challenges
Company C is a consumer goods company focusing in home and personal care. Having a wide range of good quality products, Company C has become one of the big players in the industry. Company C is most popular as an innovative company with its continuous product and process innovations.

However, Company C is now facing a bigger challenge from its main competitor. The market leader in the industry had started a price war, which could not be followed by Company C without damaging its current image. The fact that Company C’s product awareness and perceptions are very positive, leads Company C to focus on improving buying preference. So, Company C is planning to innovate the way they communicate their products to customers so that they can uphold their products as more valuable compared other competitors’.

Proposed Solution
MarkPlus assist Company C in developing a new set of communication activity plan with the intention to improve product preference. The communication plan is developed based on the existing marketing strategy of Company C.

Markplus not only plan creative communication programs but also design the main message for all communication program and media. Communication message is a vital element for Company C to be able to gain optimum result from their communication programs. And supported by our media fleet Marketeers, MarkPlus can help Company C for their advertisement.
MarkPlus has also the capability to assess and evaluate the communication activities that has been conducted. This assessment can be useful for Company C in planning their future communication programs




“MarkPlus mempunyai data-data pendukung yang update, sehingga diterima dengan baik oleh participan training kami, untuk diaplikasikan di daily activity-nya.”
Frisian Flag Indonesia

“Proses persiapan pun tim MarkPlus sangat komunikatif dan helpful sehingga kami mendapatkan insight yang tepat dan menjadi platform yang baru bagi kami bersama dalam hal digital marketing.”
Ciputra Development

“Kami puas dengan kinerja tim yang cepat dalam merespon/ memberikan data yang dibutuhkan sehingga pelaksanaan maupun hasil riset dapat selesai sesuai tenggat waktu yang ditentukan.”
Jico Agung

“MarkPlus has proved to be a valuable partner in understanding the wants, needs and perception of our customers.”
Matahari Department Store

“MarkPlus memberikan ide-ide kreatif untuk solusi permasalahan yang dihadapi company.”
Multi Indocitra

“Retail adalah bidang usaha perusahaan kami, dan MarkPlus adalah guru yang membantu mendevelop sales andalan perusahaan kami.”

“Banyak hal yang dapat dipelajari oleh staff kami dan mereka mendapatkan nya dari MarkPlus.”
Putera Sampoerna Foundation

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