MarkPlus, Inc

We are built to serve and established to build. Since founded in 1990 by Hermawan Kartajaya, we have consistently aimed to develop companies and individuals in the spheres we master best: consulting, marketing research, education, and media and community. We have grown to become Southeast Asia’s premiere marketing consulting firm, having established ourselves as a competent advisor on strategy and marketing for businesses and institutions in the region.

Today’s world, where everyone is more connected and hence more engaged, offers both opportunities and challenges for all businesses, calling for marketers to develop an ingenious approach to survive and thrive. MarkPlus, Inc. answers this call by providing a comprehensive and tailored implementation of our concepts, including WOW Marketing which integrates all the previous thought-leading concepts of Legacy and New Wave Marketing, making it the most comprehensive marketing framework available to date.

MarkPlus, Inc. is supported by two business divisions. Its research arm MarkPlus Insight focuses on marketing and social research to provide reliable information and relevant customer insight. MarkPlus Institute is a leading provider of training and education focused on world-class people development solutions through public and in-house training programs as well as executive education courses.

Marketeers is MarkPlus’ media business unit, acting as a connecting platform for marketing enthusiasts in Indonesia and beyond. The media unit runs the Marketeers Magazine, which caters to cool, inspiring and progressive business and marketing professionals. The award-winning magazine provides latest dynamic content on news and views from the business and political world, available nationwide in modern and digital outlets. It also runs the Marketeers Net online portal, a hugely popular website offering fresh daily content on marketing-related topics.

Constantly Armed with New Ways

Market is an ever-changing battlefield, especially in today’s world where advanced connection and information are parts of the struggle. One must be adeptly armed in order to survive. Positively, we were born prepared. We convert challenges into opportunities by arming ourselves with the current concept on WOW Marketing, which integrates the Legacy concept and New Wave Marketing. With the most comprehensive marketing framework, we are more than ready to assist clients enter and excel on the battlefield of the market.

A Comprehensive Coverage of Indonesian Market

In Indonesia, MarkPlus is renowned as a leading consulting company, with 18 branches spanning the archipelago, from Banda Aceh to Jayapura. We have built a legacy of serving our long list of clientele to full satisfaction, which includes MNCs, private companies, state-owned enterprises, government agencies and NGOs, among others.

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