Consultant at MarkPlus

At MarkPlus, we call our consultants ‘Client Engagement Consultants,’ manifesting our unrelenting focus on customer-centricity. Our small, yet extremely talented and versatile consultant team is the ‘brain’ of MarkPlus, assisting our diverse clientele with their strong consulting, training and research capabilities. In epitomizing MarkPlus Culture and Ethics, our consultant demonstrate a unique knack for Customer Intimacy Excellence, creating strong engagement with internal and external customers.

As ASEAN’s leading marketing consulting provider, you will gain regional working exposure by collaborating on projects from regional clients! We are also constantly on the look out for our consultant team who have the ability to work in a cross-culture environment for job rotations and leadership positions.

An uncompromising passion for knowledge, business, service and people is our consultants’ greatest disposition.

Excellence-Professionalism-Ethics (EPE) – that’s a way of professional life at MarkPlus, cultivated through strong encouragement from the hugely experienced leadership team to solve client problems, quickly and creatively. Our founder and marketing management guru Hermawan Kartajaya often holds interpersonal meetings with our consultant to mentor and guide them during projects. Working as a consultant at MarkPlus brings unique opportunities for you to personally meet several top management people from prestigious business firms.


As a consultant, you will engage with the client directly, attend client meetings, prepare cutting-edge solutions to clients’ problems and deliver presentations. The client-facing role requires you to work on-the-go and also involves considerable amount of national/overseas travelling as per project requirements.

Our Uniqueness


We always manage to uncover the deep anxieties and desires of customers through unconventional methodologies.


Our frameworks are structured and comprehensive, which makes it easy to communicate our strategy and tactic internally and externally.


We provide undivided attention to each of our clients and work to fulfill their needs up to the highest quality standards


We put extra efforts to connect our clients to external parties and lobby relevant stakeholders.


We are all quick, sharp and witty. When you want to get things done fast and effectively, we are the ones to count on.

Career Path

As a consultant, you will be exposed to a wide variety of work responsibilities and duly encouraged to move ahead in your career path; MarkPlus is personally invested in your career growth and strives to provide the best work environment and encouragement possible to nurture your movement along the career path.

Business Analyst

An entry level position in our team of CECs. Ideal for comprehensive learning on business processes, market and industry analyses, and development of professional and problem-solving skills through practical experience.

“MarkPlus is Full of people who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience to make us ready to face adventure and challange to solve. It’s a great place to experiment and learn a lot of things.” (Gio)

“Having a wide exprosure of marketing challenges, solving countless interesting cases, and undergoing a steep learning curve are just a few perks of being a consultant in MarkPlus.” (Nayesha)


A step forward for the analyst to engage deeper with clients; our associates contribute actively towards client relations, managing a team of analysts in handling projects, uncovering deep insights and coming up with conclusions for client problems. An associate-level role typically involves managing a small project.

“To be a consultant is to help. Through our expertise, we are helping our clients by bringing the relevant knowledge, insightful understandings, and pragmatical solutions.”(Habu)


As a Manager, you will be responsible for handling projects of strategic importance for crucial clients, contribute towards team-coaching efforts, and directly manage a team of analysts.

“You don’t simply work at MarkPlus, you learn and grow. So far the experiences have been transformational.” (Vendy)


The Principal is an in-charge for all the projects in a particular industry group vertical, which classifies into six sub-sectors. Managing a sizeable team of analysts, a Principal drives company’s relationship with clients and takes on a leadership role for mentoring and inspiring talent.

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