The 3rd Annual ASEAN Marketing Summit was organized in Jakarta yesterday (7th September 2017). The event was a big success, marking attendance from over 500 participants, dignitaries from government and business, representatives from international marketing bodies, and honourable ambassadors from Japan and Korea as well as the Charge D’affairs from China.

The event themed, ASEAN & Indonesia: New Opportunities from the East, was divided into 3 sessions: China, Japan and Korea, focusing on the opportunities that marketers from the regions can collectively explore and exploit through enhanced cooperation and partnerships. Apart from special keynote speeches before each session delivered by the respective diplomats from the 3 countries, an exclusive videotaped address by Indonesia Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita also featured in the AMS 2017. Lukita congratulated the Philip Kotler Center for ASEAN Marketing (PKCAM) and MarkPlus for organising the AMS 2017, which coincided with the 50th anniversary of ASEAN and 20th anniversary of ASEAN Plus Three (APT) including China, Japan and Korea.

In his opening speech, Hermawan Kartajaya, MarkPlus Founder and Tri-Founder of PKCAM, said ASEAN was formed on a G2G (government-to-government) partnership on 8 August 1967, followed by B2B (business-to-business) with the signing of AFTA in 1992. The P2P (People-to-People) collaboration was enhanced by ASEAN economic community which was formally launched in 2015. A new dimension of M2M (Marketers-to-Marketers) collaboration needs to be promoted, with involvement from AMF, which has 8 members from ASEAN.

Philips J. Vermonte from CSIS Indonesia gave the next talk at AMS 2017, providing an update on the ASEAN and Indonesia markets, touching upon the challenges AEC brings about, such as the mutual recognition agreement and trade barriers amidst the geo-political tension in the region.

The China, Japan, Korea Champion for Indonesia Awards were also presented during the AMS 2017, recognizing companies from the three countries who have contributed to Indonesia’s economic and human resource development. This award, presented on behalf of government of Indonesia, is scheduled to be organized every year during the AMS. Some of the winners this year include PT Astra, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor, PT Mitsubishi Krama Yudha Motor, PT Medco Geopower Sarulla, PT Samsung Electronics, PT Tanjung Power, Indonesia Tsingshan Stainless Steel, Virtue Dragon Nickel Industry, Indonesia Guang Ching Nickel and Stainless Steel Industry, Shenhua Guohua Pembangkitan Jawa Bali, among others.

China’s Mission to ASEAN Charge D’affairs Jiang Qin delivered a keynote address to begin the China Session at the AMS 2017, talking about greater cooperation in trade and finance between China and ASEAN in areas such as logistics, real estate and retail. The China session was moderated by Cecilia Ong from Metro Xin Wen and panellists included Haijun Wang, President of Shanghai Decent Investment Group and Zhang Hong Mei, Head of MarketPlace at JD International Group.

At the AMS 2017, MarkPlus and Nikkei BP Consulting also unveiled the results of the jointly conducted Brand Asia Study 2017. Winners include Telkomsel from telecom industry, Sinarmas Land from real estate, Kalbe Farma from pharmaceuticals, Pertamina from energy, Siloam hospitals from healthcare, Bluebird, Gojek and Garuda from transportation, Nike, Adidas, Mizuno from sporting goods, Alfamart, Matahari and Ace Hardware in retail, among others.

Japan Ambassador to ASEAN Kazuo Sunaga opened the Japan session with a keynote address talking about the Japanese investments in the region. The panel session included Noriyuki Kawakubo, President Director, PT FUJIFILM Indonesia and Thomas Wijaya, Marketing Director, PT Astra Honda Motor and Shinji Teraoka, President Director, Sharp Electronics Indonesia.

Korea Session was opened by Korea Ambassador to ASEAN Suh Jeong-in who spoke about key AEC milestones and the opportunities for utilizing AEC, including consumer market, services market. The Korea session was moderated by Anthony Wonsono, executive editor of The Jakarta Globe. The panellists included Mukiat Sutikno, President Director, PT. Hyundai Indonesia Motor and ambassador Suh Jeong-in.

The next session was a special talk by Laina Greene, Founder of GETIT Inc on the topic ‘Sustainable Impact: How Women Are Key to Ending Poverty.’ Laina spoke about how the three of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs): No Poverty, 100% Gender Equality and Responsible Consumption and Production are the three key levers to achieve maximum impact on SDGs.

The Indonesia session was moderated by Prof. Hooi Den Huan, Director of the Nanyang Technopreneurship Center and panellists included Telin Marketing & Sales Director Budi Satria Dharma Purba and Ricky Afrianto, Global Marketing Director, PT Mayora Indah Tbk. The session also included Indonesia Champion for ASEAN award for Indonesian companies who have dared to step out of the home market and made a niche for themselves in ASEAN. Winners include BRI, Mandiri, BNI, Lion Group, Pertamina Lubricants, Ciputra Development, Kalbe Farma, PT Mayora, J.Co Indonesia, Indofood Sukses, PT Telekomunikasi, among others.

There was also launch of “New Marketing Platform for BUMN: d’Gil Marketing 2” a book by Ahmad Bambang, Special Advisor of Marketing and Branding, Ministry of SOE of Indonesia at the AMS 2017.

Finally, Jochen Wirtz delivered a special session at AMS 2017 on services marketing updates and cost-effective service excellence. Wirtz is Vice Dean, Graduate Studies, the founding director of the dual degree UCLA – NUS Executive MBA Program (ranked globally #6 in the Financial Times 2016 EMBA rankings), and Professor of Marketing at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The three key points from the session included dual-culture strategy wherein companies externally focus on delighting customers and internally focus on cost-reduction measures. The second is called Focus Service factory, where in they focus on small bits and industrialize the service. The third key is operations management which includes streamlining back and front office, modularizing services and self-service technologies.

The ASEAN Marketing Summit 2017 was concluded with a special address by Hermawan Kartajaya on the topic “MOVING ON in the Political Years!” where he introduced the  Entrepreneurial Marketing Canvas, a comprehensive framework to design the marketing, financial, and organizational transformation of a company in unpredictable business landscape.


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