The first WOW Brand Festive Day, organised in March 2016, with the theme ‘Brand-X Is Human: Are You In?’ witnessed the commemoration of WOW Brand 300 – a league of 300 brands across industries in Indonesia with the highest Brand Advocacy Ratio (BAR) – a measure of how well a brand is advocated or recommended by those who are aware of the brand. Several illustrious brands joined the WOW 300 League from various industries, divided by product categories. The winners were adjudged based on surveys done by MarkPlus Insight.

Apart from felicitating 300 top WOW brands, the festive day also recognised the top 30 Brand Champions – the humans behind the brands, who have been working tirelessly to make these brands as the most advocated in their categories.


Organized by Marketeers MICE, the Indonesia Marketeers Festival is held every year in 17 cities across Indonesia. Organized between March and May, the event is a platform for marketeers and marketing enthusiasts to gather under one roof and discuss some of the winning marketing strategies employed by national and international businesses. The idea is to spur creativity in the local community and encourage companies and people in the region to help advance the business world. Marketeers of the Year are also awarded from each city during the event.


Organized by MarkPlus, JMW is an annual event dedicated for marketing
enthusiasts all over Indonesia. The week-long event especially caters to marketing enthusiasts as well as ABGs – artists, businesses and governments, attracting thousands of spectators to a week-long celebration.

Visitors are treated to a host of insightful yet interesting presentations, exciting performances from creative talents from various fields, awarding ceremonies, competitions and championships and many more fun sessions. A number of prominent guests and speakers usually attend JMW, including renowned businesspeople, ministers and artists.

In 2016, at the JMW, which also commemorated MarkPlus 26th anniversary,
Lecture of the Year was delivered by Indonesian conglomerate Lippo’s
Founder Mochtar Riady, who spoke about why Indonesia-China partnership
is crucial in today’s times.


The Ubud Royal Weekend is an event held in Ubud, one of the world’s top tourist destinations. This event is a organized in collaboration with Jakarta CMO Club, under the Philip Kotler Center for ASEAN Marketing (PKCAM), together with the Museum of Puri Lukisan and Museum of Marketing 3.0. C-level executives, businessmen and influential personalities gather for this weekend event in the heart of Bali, sharing their experiences, stories and insights in a fun yet serene setting. Ubud makes an obvious choice for the destination because there is no better place than Ubud for people to engage in history, arts and culture, spirituality, and business management simultaneously. Ubud Royal Weekend is also aimed at introducing the
culture of Ubud to a wider audience.


The ASEAN Marketing Summit is an annual event that brings together marketing people from ASEAN for one day to discuss the significance, opportunities and challenges of competing in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) environment. Prominent industry speakers share cuttingedge and unconventional business and marketing strategies and tactics to succeed and grow sustainably. Over 700 attendees are present at the annual ASEAN Marketing Summit, whose maiden event was attended by Philip Kotler. In 2016, ASEAN Marketing Summit was organised in conjunction with the 4th Annual SME Conference organized by the Asia Council for Small Business between 13-17 September.


MarkPlus WOW SEA, earlier known simply as the Service Excellence Award, endeavours to appreciate the local champions providing the best service quality to its customers. The ceremony first held in 2009, officially came to be known as MarkPlus WOW SEA in 2014. The awarding sessions are organised 16 other cities across Indonesia throughout the year. The 40 MarkPlus Annual Report 2016 award winners are selected, based on a periodical market survey by MarkPlus Insight to determine the local champions in specific product/service categories. The measurement of customer satisfaction hinges on five dimensions, derived from the 5A customer path based on WOW Marketing concept: Aware — Appeal—Ask—Act— Advocate.


In its endeavor to perform as a social business enterprise and support SME growth and development, MarkPlus, in collaboration with partners such as the Indonesia Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises and the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) Indonesia, organize the Gebyar UKM Indonesia. The event acts as a platform for SMEs across 18 cities in Indonesia to prepare themselves and become more entrepreneurial and competitive.

There are three program modules consisting of Seminar & Award, Curation of SMEs WOW!, and Exhibition. The business ideas and topics by SMEs are curated by a board of curators on the aspects of creativity, productivity and entrepreneurship. The selected ‘WOW SMEs’ are provided with opportunities to display their products at Galeri Indonesia WOW and also earn assistance with promotion and copyright.


The Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) is a platform for on-going collaboration between Kellogg faculty and innovation leaders from corporations, non-profits and governments. Aimed at promoting economic growth and regional marketing in ASEAN, KIN ASEAN forum is organized by the Jakarta CMO Club, in partnership with the Philip Kotler Center for ASEAN Marketing and MarkPlus. KIN ASEAN, held in conjunction with MarkPlus Conference, facilitates strategy and management dialogue to promote innovation-led growth and build long-term value in ASEAN.

In 2016, KIN ASEAN hosted several dignitaries including VIPs from Ministry of foreign affairs of Indonesia, ambassadors to Japan and Korea, among others. There were group discussions on the impact of new world economy and demographics on ASEAN, as well as a special dinner talk on China Innovation in ASEAN by the CCPIT Commercial Sub Council.


MarkPlus Conference is our annual grand marketing event held since 2006, providing a comprehensive and concrete picture of the latest marketing phenomena as well as predictions on future marketing trends in Indonesia. The plenary session format that presents Indonesia’s marketing in the upcoming year and the breakout session format that allows participants to choose themes in the classes provided, make MarkPlus Conference unique and highly relevant for enthusiasts, students and business professionals. In 2016, MarkPlus Conference was themed on New Realities, New Marketing, discussing new trends on digital and content marketing, in view of changing marketing paradigms, with human centric marketing, omni-channel marketing and engagement marketing. Over 5000 attendees participated in the mega event where we also launched the EMBA in Strategic Marketing, the ceremony attended by the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education.

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