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Ministry Of Tourism, Ministry Of Cooperatives And Small & Medium Enterprises, Ministry Of Trade, Ministry Of Finance, Ministry Of Transportation, Ministry Of Public Works And Housing, Ministry Of Health, Ministry Of Environment And Forestry, Ministry Of Home Affairs, Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Ministry Of State Apparatus Empowerment And Bureaucratic Reform, Ministry Of State Secretariat, Corruption Eradication Commission, Investment Coordinating Board, Audit Board Of Indonesia, Bank Of Indonesia, USAID, And Local Government, Including Provincial Government, Regional Government, City Government.

Typical Client Engagements


  1. Marketing Communication Strategy for Institutions: Formulate marketing and communication strategies, both the institution’s positioning through society perspective and communication strategy of campaign run by the institutions.
  2. Institution & City Branding: Design an identity of institutions and local government, representing vision, mission, and values, in order to build the image of institutions and city/regency/province for stakeholders.
  3. Service Blueprint: Formulate service map based on society experience in accessing public services by identifying expectations, key frustration points, and area of improvement at each touch point.


  1. Stakeholders Satisfaction Research: Satisfaction index identification study for each stakeholder of the institution, as well as to formulate the area of improvement which is needed for the institution to improve the quality of its service.
  2. Communication Audit Research: Identify the effectiveness of communication strategies and campaign programs that have been run by institutions through research on the acceptance of information, interests, and understanding of the society.
  3. Organizational Image Research: Understand the image through positioning checking and public study of the perception and expectation from the society.


  1. Leadership Training for Public Services Institution: Develop a comprehensive leadership curriculum based on the competencies and skills needed for each echelon. The curriculum will be delivered through a set of in-class training, project assignment, coaching, and presentation.
  2. Marketing Program for Institution: Equip the team marketing knowledge in building the reputation of the institution. The program includes workshops to design the campaign program and other marketing practical skills.
  3. Public Services Socialization: Guide the state apparatus through socializing and familiarizing the service values that need to be delivered to the society. In some scope, the socialization including pocket book that describes the highlights and implementation of the service values.

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