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Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Hutchison 3, Circles Life, YOI, Coway, Huawei, Haier, JD.id, Mataharimall.com, TBIG, Moratelindo, CTI Group, Jebsen & Jessen, Macroad, LKBN Antara, Nexmedia, RRI, TVRI, MNC Play, Kompas, Net.tv


Intiland, Summarecon Agung, Jababeka Residence, Ciputra Development, Metropolitan Land, Jakarta Garden City, Wiraland, Supermall Karawaci, Mall Ciputra, Atrium Senen, Jakarta

Typical Client Engagements


  1. Go-To-Market Strategy: Develop a set of strategic positioning and tactical offering (product, brand, promotion, pricing, distribution) for clients to penetrate new market.
  2. Marketing Communication Roadmap: Design a strategic timeline for a certain period of marketing activities. It includes fundamental marketing values, detail plan for marketing execution, marketing channel selection, marketing budget plotting, and key performance indicator setting.
  3. Service Blueprint: Provide customer experience mapping for clients to identify pain points and room for improvement. The mapping serves as a foundation to design the best experience for customers from the initiation phase to action phase.


  1. Usage Attitude Test: Customized ways to identify linkages among usage behaviour and opportunities for growth. Generally, it includes market sizing, category understanding, brand perception, and customer segmentation and profiling.
  2. Market Feasibility Study: Provide insights for clients to understand the market and determine whether the demand exists to make the planning successful. This study consists of multiple methods of stakeholder in-depth interview, trend analysis, customer quantitative survey, competitive assessment, and projection estimation and recommendation.
  3. Customer Satisfaction Research: Equip clients to track the brand, service, product, or other offerings’ performance from time to time. This survey helps clients to identify and improve specific touch points to increase their customer satisfaction in the future.


  1. B2B/B2C Sales Academy: Develop a comprehensive curriculum for multiple level functions, skills, roles, industries, or divisions. The curriculum will be designed in line with internal and external analyses to make it relevant with future objectives and targets, delivered through a set of in-class training, project assignment, coaching, and presentation.
  2. Service Excellence: Equip the team with service knowledge, skill, and attitude. The program includes workshops to design the customer experience mapping and in-class training to enhance practical skills. The topics covers all the service process, service mindset, grooming, and service excellence, handling complaints, and converting service into sales.
  3. Marketing Workshop: Guide clients to design their marketing roadmap from planning, execution, to evaluation. This workshop involves decision makers across relevant divisions in the company.
  4. Leadership: Equip internal management with series of leadership skills, such as managing internal and external expectation, influencing people, making the right decision, and entrepreneurial mindset.
  5. Retail/Trade Marketing: Help clients to manage marketing activities which relate with wholesalers, retailers, and distributors.
  6. Design Thinking: Provide creative approach for clients to trigger innovation in the company, both in conventional and digital setting.

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