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Content Analyst for Data Science Subject (Internship)


  • Assisting in class hosting (live webinar).
  • Helping in running classes.
  • Assisting in developing data science modules
  • Assisting in developing marketing analytic module with Python, R, or Excel


  • Having ability using Python, R, or Excel
  • Having strong knowledge in analytical thinking and statistics
  • Final year student or fresh graduate from reputable universities
  • Able to do internship in minimum 6 or 12 months
  • Possess strong analytical skills and able to communicate ideas logically
  • Possess passion for knowledge, especially in the fields of marketing, sales, and service
  • Previous experience as lecturer assistant will be an advantage
  • Understand, confident in speaking in English and Bahasa
  • Confident as a live webinar MC
  • Attentive to others and willing to engage in before and after class
  • Preferably domicile in Jakarta