Our Board
of Council

MarkPlus Corp can be analogous to an airplane with four jet engines. Controlled by nine members of MarkPlus Council.

MarkPlus Corp will focus on asset management, connector as well as corporate function.

MarkPlus Corp is strengthened by myself as Founder and Chairman who was born in Baby Boomers era, also with Mr Hendra Warsita as Chief Corporate Officer from the same generation. Meanwhile Mrs. Vivie Jericho has taken the post as Chief Asset Officer from the Gen X.

In order for an airplane to navigate properly and achieve steady flight, MarkPlus Corp should have a fixed-wing aircraft with two main wings stacked one above the other. Those wings are powered by powerful and reliable four jet engines to reach impressive speeds and sustaining them for beginnings on end.

The first wing is MarkPlus, Inc. with Michael Hermawan as Principal and also serve as CEO (from Gen-X). The wing employs two incredible machines that have been a flagship for MarkPlus Institute with Jacky Mussry (Baby Boomers) and Taufik as a Dean and Deputy CEO (Gen X).

While the other wing is Marketeers where Stephanie Hermawan takes control as Principal and also Council At Large (Gen-Y). This part is supported by two new engines who will be the driving force of the airplane; Marketeers Media with Iwan Setiawan as Director and COO (Gen Y) and Marketeers MICE with Ence as Director and also CBO (Gen X).

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