MarkPlus Consulting

MarkPlus Consulting is the elite consulting arm of MarkPlus, Inc. Small but gifted, our team is a mix of young creative individuals and seasoned expert leaders. Our consultants solve problems quickly and creatively while our leadership team contributes their vast experience and sound judgement.

Our ability to extract meaningful and actionable insights from piles of data is unparalleled. Clients are often amazed at how we segment the market and map the competition. More importantly, we always manage to uncover the deep anxieties and desires of customers through unconventional methodologies.

Inspired by our founder, Hermawan Kartajaya, who is a world-class marketing modeler, every one of our consultants is great at developing solution frameworks. Our frameworks are structured and comprehensive, which makes it easy to communicate our strategy and tactic internally and externally. The frameworks also help us to think creatively but stay relevant to the client situation for pragmatic implementation.

We carefully select our clients for a win-win approach and take pride in solving challenging marketing problems. We prefer clients which share a strong passion to collaborate in developing and executing our strategy. Our consultants are encouraged to actively interact and converse with our clients to deeply understand their concerns. That is why our work is always world-class and brings success to our clients.

The power of our network, community, and influence often helps to turn our unconventional strategy into actions. This means that we will try our best to leverage those intangible assets to help our clients. We put extra efforts to connect our clients to external parties and lobby relevant stakeholders.

Last but not the least, we can proudly say that we have a strong culture. Like all MarkPlus-ers, we have strong passion for knowledge, passion for business, passion for service, and passion for people. And when you look at our consultants, you will find that we share the same personality albeit coming from distinctly different backgrounds. We are all quick, sharp, and smart. When you want to get things done fast and effectively, we are the ones to count on.

Our Typical Consulting
Engagement Topics

MarkPlus Consulting has helped clients develop market insights, assess feasibilities, and/or develop strategies for new market opportunities, which can be in the form of launch of new products, entering new market segments/geographical markets, as well as diversifying into adjacencies or even unrelated new businesses altogether. Clients have often praised us for our abilities to view the market creatively and identify uniquely differentiated levers for capturing value in those opportunities.

These have raditionally been our core client engagements. In these engagements, we utilize our proven proprietary concepts and approaches namely the 9 Elements of Marketing. We start with Segmentation of the Market, and Map Competitors’ Positioning and Value Proposition to determine the best Brand Positioning and Differentiation for Client brands. In the implementation stage, we are often asked by clients to objectively hand hold and supervise advertising and other communications agencies.

Through our latest proprietary marketing effectiveness concept measurement methodologies (we name it WOW Marketing/A5 customer path), we can help clients identify improvement opportunities on where they can optimize their efforts and spending in order to efficiently convert customer awareness into sales/purchase and even into advocacy. Through this A5 (Aware-Appeal-Ask-Act-Advocate) framework, we can help pinpoint and
develop improvement programs for the crucial customer touch points that would optimize clients’ marketing efforts.

We have successfully helped clients improve their sales force productivity through selected set of drivers such as size, structure, territory alignment,
performance management and compensation. Optimization of these drivers have proven to improve our clients’ sales effectiveness and outputs.

Our consultants have strong capabilities to identify improvement levers for improving your customer service and experience. More importantly beyond just merely improving, we are often praised by clients for our ability to devise a uniquely differentiated customer experience that often turn into a compelling competitive advantage for the clients’ brand.

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