MarkPlus Insight

MarkPlus research arm Insight is regarded as a respected provider of marketing and social research services providing nor only reliable information, but also relevant customer insight to support clients’ decision-making process.

Through our strong capabilities in marketing research, MarkPlus Insight helps you to:

  • Point out pertinent issues to construct sharp research objectives
  • Identify the best research methods to gather high quality data
  • Analyse and synthesize the data into meaningful information and insight

Our national and regional coverage is one of our strengths. Supported by a solid in-house research team plus an extensive local field team in 34 provinces, MarkPlus Insight ensures coverage all over Indonesia. Our collaboration with country partners have successfully supported our expansion throughout Southeast Asia. As part of our commitment to give best results, we relentlessly update our operations. We equip ourselves with the latest technologies for data collection and processing in order to make sure that our research accurately answers clients’ needs

Provide relevant customer insight as opposed to only data and information. Invent & employ creative, yet effective research techniques with strong capabilities to synthesize research findings and practical recommendations Have a wide and solid in-house research team supported by extensive local (34 provinces in Indonesia) and regional (ASEAN) networks Broad and deep knowledge and experience in wide array of research topics and industries from financial services, automotives, transportation, logistics, healthcare, property,consumer goods, telecommunication, technology, resource

Customized Research

MarkPlus Insight provides tailored research for clients in all phases of their business, starting from new product development (idea, product, and pricing test), performance evaluation (service & loyalty, sales & distribution, brand & communication) to market expansion (marketing & strategy) as well as social and opinion research.

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