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MarkPlus Tourism, founded in 2014 and inaugurated by the Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya, has long roots over more than 31 years of MarkPlus Inc.’s journey. As a pioneer of professional services  in marketing in Indonesia and even ASEAN, MarkPlus founder  Hermawan Kartajaya who has interacted intensely with Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing, since 1998, has helped the  tourism world more than consultants in general. From creating the  Marketing 3.0 Museum in Ubud Bali, which was taken from their  book with Iwan Setiawan to asking Philip Kotler to help market  Indonesian tourism.

The complexity of the world of Indonesian tourism, related  to the existence of tourism destinations that are strongly  associated with an area, makes tourism marketing a  challenging thing. But, on the other hand, there are various  tourism industry players, ranging from tourism destinations  and creative industry players directly related to tourism to  supporting sectors such as hotels and traveling. It is what  makes MarkPlus Tourism actively organize discussions  involving various tourism stakeholders to make studies on  Indonesian tourism development.

Apart from pioneering the establishment of a museum  located in Indonesia’s most famous tourism destination,  MarkPlus Tourism is also actively campaigning for new trends  in world tourism. Through a special relationship with the  Global Sustainable Tourism Council and the Pacific Asia Travel  Association, MarkPlus is actively campaigning for sustainable  tourism and the need for tourism actors who can apply the  principles of sustainable tourism.

As part of MarkPlus Inc, the MarkPlus team is ready to provide partial  services in training, research, consulting, brand activation, or integrated  services. Specifically, in the tourism sector, MarkPlus provides services  based on the MarkPlus concept and is also ready to provide services by referring to the concepts of other institutions.

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