Themed Indonesia (Re) United, MarkPlus, Inc. 27th anniversary celebrated at the closing ceremony of Jakarta Marketing Week 2017

Jakarta, 9 May 2017 – Carrying forward the success of Jakarta Marketing Week (JMW) last year, MarkPlus, Inc. is organizing the grand marketing event for marketing enthusiasts once again, the 5th Annual Jakarta Marketing Week 2017. Located in Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta Marketing Week 2017 will be held for 7 days, 70 hours non-stop, from 3rd to 9th May 2017.

The event is a fascinating place to bring together various communities: artists, businesses, and government. This year, Jakarta Marketing Week 2017 is themed, “Lifestyle and the City“, and thus the various sessions during the event will serve to unveil the latest marketing trends and phenomena of the urban lifestyle of Jakarta. Thousands of participants are expected to attend the Jakarta Marketing Week 2017, who can make the most of the visit by enhancing their knowledge, enjoying entertaining performances, as well as expanding their networking.

On the last day (9th May) Jakarta Marketing Week 2017, a series of exciting events took place, ranging from a session providing significant digital marketing exposure by leading game platform company Gameloft, conferment of Marketeers Of The Year award for Jabodetabek region, a talk show on village development by the Minister of Rural Development and Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration (DPDTT) of Indonesia, Mr. Eko Putro Sandjojo. Moreover, it was followed by a session describing the higher education system by Brawijaya University, and finally concluding with a closing ceremony that commemorated the 27th anniversary of MarkPlus.

On this occasion, the Minister of DPDTT RI, Eko Putro Sandjojo also delivered a presentation on the need for stakeholder coordination for mutual assistance in rural development through village-owned enterprises. This information was shared by Mr. Eko during JMW 2017 because according to him, Jakarta Marketing Week is the right place to invite the stakeholders work together. “Jakarta Marketing Week prioritizes knowledge and networking, I think it is a right platform where I can convey my message for rural communities to help each other while improving their welfare. Because there are is so much potential in rural areas that can be tapped and maximized “, said Eko.

The event then followed with a session headed by Brawijaya University which conveyed the importance of higher education for the people of Indonesia. This event was attended by Dr. Wilopo, MBA (Director of School of Business Administration Univ. Brawijaya), Sunu Widyatmoko (Former CEO of Air Asia Indonesia), and Ahmad Bambang (Special Staff of Marketing and Branding Department of BUMN)

Finally, the long-awaited closing ceremony of Jakarta Marketing Week 2017 was attended with several ministers and government officials. Not only that, a number of entrepreneurs, artists, and influencers from the capital also attended the event. The highlight of the evening was MarkPlus, Inc.’s anniversary commemoration on the theme “Indonesia (Re) United” enriched by a Special Lecture of The Year session featuring Dr. (H.C.) Ir. Ciputra.

This theme is inspired from the dynamics of the communities in Jakarta before the seemingly divided Pilkada (Jakarta Elections), but after the tentative announcement of the results, we expect the community to be reunited. As we observe, all parties embrace the other sides and carry forward the process of democracy in Indonesia. “Indeed, Indonesia is made up of a diverse society. Starting from culture, behavior, and thinking. But, this is clear evidence of how this diversity does not make us fragmented. In time, the people of Indonesia can unite to achieve a common goal “, explains Hermawan Kartajaya on the concept of Indonesia (Re) United.

The Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, Arief Yahya who attended the Jakarta Marketing Week 2017 for the second time, also expressed his appreciation for MarkPlus as the organizer. “This event held for a week with highly innovative and full of creative content. From the theme of BUMN to tourism. This event can be a pioneer for similar events that must be followed by other institutions in promoting various potential areas in Indonesia “, said Arief at the closing ceremony JMW 2017.


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