In a novel extension to our efforts to celebrate WOW Brands in Indonesia, MarkPlus will organise the 1st WOW Brand Festive Day 2016 on the 3rd of March 2016 in Ballroom, Raffles Hotel, Jakarta. The event themed, “Brand-X Is Human: Are You In?” will be hosted by MarkPlus Founder Hermawan Kartajaya, also featuring Laina Greene, Founder of GETIT Inc, a strategic marketing consultancy based in Silicon Valley with a representative office in Indonesia.

The event will recognize 300 WOW brands in Indonesia – grouped as League 300 – the brands with the highest Brand Advocacy Ratio (BAR). Based on the WOW Marketing concept, BAR is a measure of how well a brand is advocated by those who are aware of the brand. The WOW Marketing concept itself, in essence, is the change in customer path in this era of connectivity – from 4A (Awareness, Attitude, Act and Act Again) to 5A (Awareness, Appeal, Ask, Act and Advocate). ‘Advocate’ is particularly important in this era of human-centric marketing; it is no secret that recommendation from family, friends, peers, and even acquaintances on social media helps drives purchasing decisions.

To help marketers measure their brand strength in the era of connectivity, MarkPlus’ research arm MarkPlus Insight developed a Brand Survey, measuring two main attributes: Purchase Action Ratio (PAR), which measures how many people familiar with the brand purchase it, and BAR. The surveys have already been conducted since 2014 in dozens of industrial sectors.

Through an additional analysis of 300 cross-industry brands based on BAR, MarkPlus, Inc. found different patterns of winning the competition that must be done ‘differently’ by the industry player in each sector. The point is, there will be a player that is very prominent in one industrial sector and there would be high and low involvement levels (from consumers) in different industrial sectors. Through WOW Brand survey, the missing link that usually appears on such brand survey on how to follow up a brand effectively and efficiently has been found and could facilitate the marketer to conduct a more responsible follow-up.

MarkPlus has even gone a step further by anticipating the commoditization in the era of connectivity. Players who understand the patterns in winning competition in an industrial sector and score high BAR would certainly want to raise, or at least maintain this. Inevitably, such brands must generate more reasons for its ‘fans’ to recommend it.

To build this brand awareness which motivates more fans for recommendation, MarkPlus, Inc. is inviting brands in Indonesia, especially in the list of 300 biggest BAR, to be involved in the campaign “Brand for Good.” In this era of human-centric marketing, brands ought to be concerned not only with gaining big profits but also contribute to society and the planet.

For more information on the event and to avail entry tickets, please click here. The tickets can be bought online at


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