Unique Proposition

MarkPlus, Inc.’s differentiation has always been its thought leadership in the field of marketing. Since 2000, Hermawan Kartajaya, along with the firm’s leaders, has written a total of 5 international books with Professor Philip Kotler, the Father of Modern Marketing. The book, Marketing 3.0, was originally incubated at MarkPlus, Inc.’s and was universally accepted worldwide (to date, the international edition has been translated into 25 non-English languages). Marketing 4.0 is the latest book co-authored by Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya and Iwan Setiawan (MarkPlus Chief Knowledge Officer) which helps businesses better navigate the transition from traditional to digital with its solid framework. MarkPlus is also known for its white papers and syndicated research studies on various marketing-related topics and consumer insights.

MarkPlus, Inc. offices is clustered around 4 regions: (1) Greater Jakarta that consists of Jakarta as the firm’s headquarter and surrounding cities; (2) Jabalnusra region with its hub in Surabaya; (3) Sumatera region with its hub in Medan; and (4) Indonesia Timur region with its hub in Makassar.

Integration is a key value proposition of MarkPlus. The firm is supported by two core business divisions, each serving different client needs. As MarkPlus provides strategic marketing solutions, MarkPlus Insight and MarkPlus Institute aim to assist clients with marketing research services and marketing training, respectively. The two core business units are also supported by Marketeers, which is MarkPlus, Inc.’s media fleet for brand activation. Marketeers owns a widely-circulated magazine, web portal, and a strong and involved marketers’ community. As a result, clients often seek wholesome and comprehensive services from MarkPlus, Inc. excluding the need for third party assistance.

Our clients are diverse, ranging from multinational corporations to private companies to state enterprises to national and international non-profit institutions. We serve 6 key industry groups, namely :

  • Financial Services Industry (FSI)
  • Automotive, Transportation, and Logistics (ATL)
  • Communications, High-Tech, and Media (CHM)
  • Healthcare, Property, and Consumer (HPC)
  • Resources, Infrastructure and Utilities (RIU)
  • GPS (Government and Public Services)

With this vast experience, we have an unparalleled ability to provide industry-specific solutions across a wide range of business sectors.

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